What is the Economics Teachers Society of South Australia (ETSSA)

TheĀ Economics Teachersā€™ Society of South Australia (ETSSA) is a professional association for teachers of Economics in Secondary Schools.

The Economics Teachers Society of South Australia aims to support the teaching of Economics by:

  • Encouraging the teaching and study of economics and its application in Australia.
  • Providing professional learning opportunities for teachers including conferences and professional development opportunities.
  • Promoting the study of Economics, especially in Years 11 and 12 of secondary school, but also beyond secondary education.
  • Assisting students in their learning through provision of conferences.
  • Sponsoring the Economics Prize for the top student in South Australia for Stage 2 SACE Economics.
  • Advocating on behalf of Economics Educators.
  • Promoting the public recognition of the role of economics.
  • Providing input into educational reviews through submissions.
  • Liaising with organisations, private, educational, commercial and government in relation to the development and provision of the economics curriculum.
  • Representing South Australian teachers at the national level through participation in the peak body the Business Educators of Australasia (BEA).
  • Liaise with other organisations that may assist The Economics Teachers Society in achieving its goals.

Executive Members

Michael Jacobsen – President

Troy Schroeder – Vice President

Lauren Fleming – Treasurer & Membership

Mary Pettinger – Secretary

Mel McCabe – Executive Member

Wendy Jacobs – Executive Member

Bernadetta Chautkowski – Executive Member

Joh Inge – Executive Member

Gorge Gardner – Executive Member

Mitchell Simpson – Executive Member

Matthew Noble – Executive Member


The Economics Teachers Society of South Australia is a formally registered association.

Download a copy of the Economics Teachers Society of South Australia constitution here

Life Members

The Economics Teachers Society of South Australia as a professional association has since its inception relied on the time and expertise of teachers who have volunteered to be involved in its organisation and conduct. Over the past years, a number of members have each year given their time and effort to be on the executive of the association which has benefited thousands of teachers of Economics. Of these people, a select few have been made The Economics Teachers Society of South Australia Life Members in recognition of their outstanding service.

  • Michael Howe
  • John Foreman
  • Bernadetta Chaustowski
  • Wendy Jacobs
  • Chris McGuire
  • Jon Inge