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Guidance, information and support in the management of money from the Australia Securities and Investments Commission

A range of statistical data

The Australian Stock Exchange home page

Information on Trade, Investment and International Relations

Direct link to Trade At A Glance

Link to Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre Report

Link to St George bank Quarterly Economic Outlook

Link to the journal website

Link to the ABC The Economists website where they use the tools of economics to shine a light on life.

The home of Monetary Policy and much more in Australia

A support service for teachers and students

A rick source of information on Trade and Development

A direct link to the Human Development Index (HDI) reports

A rich source of information about Global Trade

A link to the Australian Council of Social Service

A link to Poverty and Inequality Publications 

A great tool for students to create maps

A network linked to the Economic Society of Australia formed to promote and support the careers of female economists in Australia. 

A great source of news, data and economic forecasts

Students are able to set up a free account and have access to the eBook

Alex Symonds a teacher in Sydney who has his own YouTube channel for Economics, based on the HSC with an Australian perspective